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Posted on January 20, 2014 · Posted in Staffing

Reisman as a “Concierge” Staffing & Consulting Company…

What is a “Concierge” Staffing & Consulting company anyway?

Last year I had coffee with an instructional designer whom I was meeting with for the first time. After I explained Reisman Consulting Group’s staffing/consulting services and customer focus approach to business, he proclaimed, “You sound like a ‘Concierge’ staffing and consulting company”!

And the rest is history as they say…

The “concierge” label stuck, and the company’s official tagline became “Reisman Consulting Group — A ‘Concierge’ Staffing & Consulting Company”.

What’s in a word?

“Concierge” comes from the Old French “Comte des Cierges”, or “Keeper of the Candles”, a servant to French nobility responsible for heating and lighting the castle during medieval times. Gradually, the Comte des Cierges took on more responsibility providing a comfortable way of life to French nobility.  During 19th-20th century France, a concierge lived and worked in an apartment building as a caretaker, entrusted with the apartment keys to deal with emergencies, checking people who enter and leave a building, and more.

Fast forward to today…

Today a concierge provides top-level customer service to guests in high-end, full-service hotels and resorts, listening to requests, offering tailored solutions and recommendations — always polite, flexible, and accommodating.

Reisman as a “Concierge” business

The concierge description resonated for me because the word connotes personalized service with attention to detail. In my mind, a concierge is at the pinnacle of customer service and customer satisfaction. So can the necessary skills and essential functions of a real life concierge apply to a business? I think so, the same skills that Reisman prides itself in, and here they are:

  1. Communication Skills — the ability to listen and evaluate client requests.
  2. Projects an approachable and professional image in personal appearance, manner, and demeanor.
  3. Acknowledges all customers with utmost courtesy and urgency.
  4. Assures prompt and positive action on all requests, questions, concerns and complaints.
  5. Provides a customer experience that will always be remembered and with the highest level of responsiveness.
  6. Operates from established and well-known procedures typically, but may have to use a high degree of creativity in meeting client needs.
  7. Operates independently with minimal supervision.
  8. Demonstrates a positive attitude and professional demeanor.
  9. Serve as information liaison.
  10. Ability to deal with problems.
  11. Maintains an organized work environment.
  12. Conducts quality assurance follow-up.

I like to think I am in good company as a “Concierge” Staffing & Consulting company.