Consulting and Staffing ROI

Posted on April 29, 2012 · Posted in Best Practices, Staffing

Orienting Contract Staff and Consultants

Do you think it is only important to orient permanent employees to your company and projects? Think again!

Avoid the revolving door seen by staffing firms.

Over and over again, when companies use staffing and consultants on project teams without giving a proper orientation, I’ve often seen them fail. But, with a little extra effort upfront, contract staff and consultants can and do succeed and everyone wins.

Get the most bang for your buck and avoid a revolving door for much needed project consultants and contract staff by orienting them with the same thoroughness as you do permanent staff.

Include in your project orientation:

  • The “big picture.” Help contract staff and project consultants understand your business goals, especially if they’re joining a project midstream. In their first week make sure to introduce them to team members, give them an organizational chart, the project plan, communications plans and messages, prototypes and deliverables.
  • Clear expectations. At the start of the project, be specific and open about performance expectations. Outline how you evaluate your employees, which is often the unspoken benchmark for their performance as well.
  • Identification of a “go-to” person. Make sure you identify one person they can contact for any questions, issues, support, resources, direction and feedback.
  • Ongoing feedback. Giving regular feedback to your staffing and project consultants can make the difference between average and outstanding performance. It’s human nature for consultants and contractors to assume that their performance is fine if they don’t hear otherwise.

As any IT or human resources staffing agency can attest, you will do your company a service by taking the time to give feedback on an ongoing basis. You’ll be well rewarded and both you and your project consultants and contract staff will be able to realize success.