Creating Win-Win Projects

Posted on February 2, 2014 · Posted in Best Practices

Although it is very gratifying to match a talented consultant or contractor to a client project, I like to think that my job truly begins after I place a Reisman associate on a project. Although my business clients are the ones paying the bill for Reisman services, the match ultimately has to be a win-win between the client and the Reisman associate to make it successful.

Facilitating Win-Wins

A win-win is something that benefits both or all parties. Easier said than done given how complex and changeable business projects can be these days. Overlay any project with the various personalities, budget constraints, and accelerated deadlines, to name a few, and the obstacles to success can increase.

So how do you get to a win-win for both the client and the Reisman associate? Facilitating a win-win to me means having good communication with clients, and coaching and supporting Reisman associates behind the scenes so both the client and associate are successful and satisfied with the project results.

Reisman’s Win-Win Coaching Tactics

I asked several of my Reisman associates to tell me about how my coaching helped them on their project assignments. Here’s what they said:

  1. Gloria is a sounding board and listens, which helps me talk through various project scenarios to find the best approach.
  2. Gloria always asks the “big picture” questions. I am usually focused on how to complete a specific project or task and don’t always think about the bigger picture. You seem to know the exact questions to ask to determine how a project or task relates to other things, impacts other things, etc. I know it helps me and makes for a better outcome for the client.
  3. Gloria has a warm, open style that immediately creates an environment of honesty and collaboration.
  4. Gloria provides astute advice on communication and work-style guidance which helped me get up and running immediately.
  5. Gloria’s style combines staying in touch as well as providing encouragement when needed.  She is always available and willing to brainstorm ideas.
  6. Her business acumen makes her suggestions invaluable, especially in tackling difficult interpersonal situations.

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