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Instructor-led Seminars.

We provide training instructors and seminar presenters to teach best practices on a number of business topics. Read a selection of our instructor-led seminar projects:

A boutique investment management firm:

Presented their first management and leadership training program to introduce best practices for high performance organizations.

For a regional electricity regulator:

We developed and facilitated a communications visioning session to help senior IT managers communicate more effectively with employees and customers.

For a software and technology services company:

We developed and delivered classroom training to managers: Interviewing skills and How to Conduct Performance Appraisals.

For a property and casualty insurance company:

Presented classroom training seminars: Project Management “Boot Camp” for business team members (3 days), eLearning Design (2 days); and Effective Technical Writing (1, 2 and 3 day sessions).

For a financial services company:

Customized and delivered classroom training as part of the company’s exceptional customer service initiative: Effective Business Writing and New Supervisor Training