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Online Help Solutions.

We provide online help developers to create a range of meaningful help solutions and user assistance. Read a selection of our online help solutions projects:

For a global business products manufacturer:

We developed integrated user support and interactive PDF documents including a user guide, reference guide, quick start guide, and safety and warranty information) for mobile devices. These products enabled customers to order supplies and documentation updates quickly and easily.

For an end-to-end financial processing software company:

We converted and enhanced online help from WebWorks Publisher to RoboHelp.

For an international software company:

We converted a 600-page user manual documenting complex educational management software into much more useful context sensitive online help within the application.

For a database marketing software company:

We developed a server administration manual for end users to view corporate financial information such as sales reports and OLAP (online analytical processing) data in spreadsheets on their web browsers.

For a financial software company:

We edited and proofread Online Assistant content based on a style guide. Converted existing documentation from Word and Excel to HTML and added new content. Created a glossary.
We developed a comprehensive list of keywords for all online products, databases, pages, and reports. Recommended definitions and overviews.

For an Application Service Provider (ASP):

We upgraded a help system for a shared resource scheduling application. Improved readability, consistency, topic layouts, links, and navigation in existing help system.