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Technical Writing.

We provide tools-savvy technical writers to develop a range of documentation, policies and procedures, and technical manuals. Read a selection of our documentation projects:

For a medical device company:

We developed FDA-compliant user documentation for clinical trials and a product launch.

For a video surveillance solutions company:

We developed installation, operations, administration, and Quick Start guides for an open architecture, high-resolution video surveillance system in a Client/Server environment. Used Adobe InDesign.

For a healthcare insurance company:

We documented workflows and scripts for a workflow automation project. We developed software requirements for automating inquiry tracking to allow for improved trend analysis and reporting capabilities. Updated Project Management Methodology (PMM) standards, deliverables, and processes, including project phases, processes, signoffs, etc.

For an international insurance company:

We developed a procedures manual for a new business process on how to develop business cases for proposed IT projects and new technology purchases.

For a leader in real-time manufacturing operations software:

We developed API documentation using Visual Studio, ClearCase, Document! X, and HelpStudio. Proofread and edited source comments in over 2,000 API scripts.

For a U.S. residential mortgage servicer:

We provided a team of writers to develop and edit policies and procedures documentation for 10 business units using Information Mapping methodology; developed a style guide.

For a leading medical device company:

We developed a user manual and an IT support and troubleshooting manual for a Palm-based handheld software product which tracks patient medications and dosages.

For an end-to-end financial processing software company:

We developed style guides and created single source documentation for new product releases. Converted and enhanced online help from WebWorks Publisher to RoboHelp. Worked with marketing director to developed web content, product brochures, quick start guides, and FAQs.

For an international business products manufacturer:

We developed reference guides and detailed “how to” advanced user manuals for multi-function printer products. Converted user documentation from PageMaker and FrameMaker to InDesign.

For a pharmaceutical company:

We updated and revised a process manual for a corporate billing system.

For a global home healthcare services organization:

We developed a Wiki Project Charter for a corporate Wiki on a SharePoint platform. Defined high level business requirements and project scope (structure, content, capabilities, governance, security, maintenance recommendations, etc.)